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Melissa-website by Melissa Naranjo Melissa Naranjo
Inside Sales
408.782.5744 Direct Phone
408.427.3398 Direct Fax
Kathryn web by Kathryn Therrien Kathryn Therrien
Inside Sales
408.782.5717 Direct Phone
408.782.5718 Direct Fax
Rebecca Web by Rebecca Bolanos Rebecca Bolanos
Inside Sales
408.782.2474 Direct Phone
408.724.9207 Direct Fax
IMG 3337 web by Zalina Gonzalez Zalina Gonzalez
Inside Sales
408.782.5709 Direct Phone
408.498.5075 Direct Fax
Kimberlee-Website correct size by Kimberlee Maiwald Kimberlee Maiwald
Credit Manager
408.782.2470 Direct Phone
408.782.5708 Direct Fax
IMG 3332 web by Karen Norman Karen Norman
Assistant Credit Manager
408.782.5705 Direct Phone
408.782.5706 Direct Fax
Susie 2.5.19 web (2) by Susie Hawkins Susie Hawkins
Inside Sales
408.782.5713 Direct Phone
408.427.3397 Direct Fax
 by Maribel Madera Maribel Madera
Inside Sales
408.782.5703 Direct Phone
408.427.3401 Direct Fax
 by Salina Beltran Salina Beltran
Inside Sales
408.782.5715 Direct Phone
408.822.9594 Direct Fax
 by Kim Mancera Kim Mancera
Office Manager
408.782.5763 Direct Phone
408.782.5710 Direct Fax

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